sleep bag in eden 1.0 tog

sleep bag in eden 1.0 tog

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Get ready to get baby to sleep, soothed in the günamüna® swaddle sleep bag. This down alternative sack with evenly distributed weight increases relaxation, arms in or out, while the special zipper keeps baby swaddled & cozy for diaper changes.

TOG 1.0:  This sleep bag is designed for mild temperatures of 70°-73°F. Most pediatricians recommend that you keep your house between 68°-72°F; so if you are able to follow this recommendation, then this is the right sleep bag for your baby. ( Thermal Overall Grade).

  • Gift idea: Pair with a Cuddle+Kind doll or bedtime book
  • A BETTER WAY TO SLEEP: Research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper sleep cycle, increases serotonin, and reduces anxiety by giving the same all-over sensation as a full-on, calming cuddle.
  • YOUR CHOICE: Arms in or out. Safe transition for babies who roll 
  • 95% bamboo rayon, 5% spandex