eyes, nose, belly, toes

eyes, nose, belly, toes

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All about the human body for kids 1 to 3!

"All kids will see themselves in this beautiful book, intentionally designed to help toddlers learn about the amazing things their bodies can do." -- Emily Oster, CEO of ParentData and bestselling author of Expecting Better, Cribsheet, and The Family Firm.

Learning how the human body works is an important skill for toddlers. This adorable kids anatomy book walks them through every major body part, with simple language and vibrant artwork that keep them engaged as they explore how they use their eyes to see, their nose to smell, their legs to move, and their arms to wave hello!

Colorful illustrations--Read along with your child and explore exciting pictures that show kids the body parts they use at playtime, bathtime, snacktime, and more.

Which body part is that?--Help your child learn to point out their belly button, count their fingers and touch their elbows!

Learning and growing--Make it fun for kids to learn body vocabulary and start to discover all the amazing things their bodies can do.

Get this book today and enjoy educational quality time with your child.